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Guaranteed Property Rental Income

Guaranteed Property Rental Income

The guaranteed rental income option for Virgin Island properties is for buyers who are buying principally for investment. The rental guarantee is 2-3% yearly for the next 3 years after delivery date.

Virgin Island properties Guaranteed Rental Income Conditions:

  1. 3% annual guaranteed rental income is based on the owners having 30 days usage of their Virgin Island properties at any period of the year. The owners will give at least 90 days’ notice of usage.

  2. 2% annual rental guarantee is based on the owners having 60 days usage of their Virgin Island properties at any period of the year; 90 days’ notice to be given.

  3. The guarantee rental income will be based on the contract price of the apartment (excluding furniture & equipment package), and will be paid semi-annually each year.

  4. For Free Company provides full Furniture & Equipment Package with affordable prices to the owners who will participate in our rental guarantee program.  Owners could also pay Furniture & Equipment Package in installments till delivery date.

  1. Property owners will pay the standard annual maintenance fees as per all other owners.

  2. For Free Company will maintain owners' property during the rental guarantee program to keep the internal condition of property, furniture and equipment in a very good standard that avoid the owners to follow up their units or to pay any extra expenses to maintain it.

  3. Rental guarantee offer is valid for a limited number of Virgin Island properties.

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